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Monday, February 18, 2008

Publishers are all jumping on the free e-book bandwagon. First Random House, then Harper Collins and now Tor.

ars technica says : "Book publishers, like other media companies, have often been accused of foot-dragging when it comes to moving into the digital age. Now, two of the giants have made bold moves to distribute their content in new ways: Random House will sell selected books by the chapter, while HarperCollins will offer selected titles for free.

The HarperCollins announcement is the more interesting of the two, with the company providing complete online access to popular books in order to see if "giving it away for free" actually boosts sales. Paulo Coelho's The Witch of Portobello can currently be read in its entirety, but it will only be up for a short time. Other Coelho books will follow, as will works by Neil Gaiman and other popular authors. "

stoolpigeon writes : " Tor Books is launching a new site and running a campaign in which they are giving away e-books (free as in beer) until the site goes live. To get in on the deal, fill out the form at their site, and each week you will receive a newsletter containing links to download a new book. The first two books are Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson followed by Old Man's War by John Scalzi.

Scalzi's site says: 'My understanding is that they don't have DRM on them. Or at least, mine isn't supposed to have, and I don't think they're planning mine to be special in that regard.' "


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