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Friday, February 01, 2008

At the Fantasy & Sci-Fi Lovin' blog, SQT has a book for giveaway that hasn't been released yet (release date is February 5th).

This sci-fi book is none other than Marseguro by Edward Willett.

Book Description : After a worldwide disaster strikes Earth, the planet is taken over by a fanatical religious theocracy. Scientist Victor Hansen flees with a staff of non-genetically modified humans and young members of his newly created race, the Selkies, to Marseguro, a distant water world.

But their peace and freedom is threatened when a traitor calls forth a strike force from Earth, and Victor's own grandson, Richard, is with them. What Richard Hansen discovers may alter not only his own destiny but that of Marseguro and Earth as well.
If this sounds good to you, follow this link and leave a comment or email SQT at sqt1969(at)gmail(dot)com. Contest ends Monday February 4.

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