Harlequin's Celebration Contest

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At the Harlequin Romance Authors blog, enter to win a signed copy of Melissa James's A Mother In A Million in their monthly giveaway.

Book Description : Jennifer's heart went out to new neighbor Noah and his three little kids. Their mother had gone missing a few years before, and the single dad was struggling. All Jennifer could do was be there for them and bring love and laughter to their troubled lives. And, when the truth finally emerged, help them get over their loss. For so long the attraction that simmered between Jennifer and Noah had been denied. Now, out of the blue, came a proposal of marriage. But was it because he loved her--or because he needed a stand-in mother for his children?
Just drop an e-mail to hrablog@hotmail.com with the word CONTEST in the subject line, to win this month's prize. You have until January 31 to get your entry in.

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