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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

At her blog Author Lena Nelson Dooley keeps interviewing other authors and also gives away copies of their books.

Currently you can enter to win a copy of A Sister's Test by Wanda Brunstetter.

A Sister’s Test is Book 2 in the Sisters of Holmes County series, and it focuses on Ruth Hostettler.

Ruth is the second oldest sister in the Hostettler family, and she has one burning desire—to marry and fill her Amish household with children. Life seems to be falling into place when Martin Gingerich starts to court Ruth and she befriends a motherless child. But Ruth’s dreams are suddenly shattered in one horrific moment, putting her faith to the test.
You also have a chance to win a copy of September Dawn by Carole Schutter.
On September 11, 1857, the first act of religious terrorism in the United States took place in Utah when a group of fanatical Mormons massacred a prosperous wagon train of 120 settlers from Arkansas and Missouri on their way to California. Driven by a despotic Brigham Young who thundered chilling messages of Blood Atonement from the pulpit, the faithful committed polygamy, murder and castration in the name of God.

Based on one of America's most horrific historical events, this is the story of the improbable romance between two nineteen-year-olds from starkly different worlds, the son of a Mormon Bishop, and the daughter of a Christian pastor.
And at that post, Lena's giving away a copy of A Hideous Beauty (Kingdom Wars Series #1) by Jack Cavanaugh.
On what should have been the best day of his life, Pulitzer Prize-winning author Grant Austin learns of a plan to assassinate the president of the United States. Every attempt to sound the alarm is thwarted, and Grant soon finds himself at the center of an even greater battle that predates time as he stands alone against ancient powers and unspeakable evil -- evil that can only be described as a hideous beauty.

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