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Sunday, December 09, 2007

Mom of 3 Girls is giving away her copy of Dangerous Admissions by Jane O'Connor, author of the Fancy Nancy books whose her first foray into the world of adult literature is Dangerous Adimissions.

Miranda "Rannie" Bookman—43, divorced mother of two, with a recent love life consisting of a long string of embarrassingly brief encounters—is beginning to feel like a dangling participle: connected to nothing. Her career as a copyeditor is down the toilet (she makes one little slip—a missing "l" from the last word in the title of the Nancy Drew classic The Secret of the Old Clock—and suddenly she's Publishing Enemy #1!), so she's been forced to take any gig she can get. And that means giving tours at the Chapel School, the ultra-exclusive, ultra-expensive, private academy that her children attend.

Certainly not the most interesting of employments . . . at least until someone stumbles across the dead body of the Director of College Admissions. Investigating a murder was never in her job description, but with her soon-to-be-college-bound boy Nate a prime suspect, Rannie has little choice. Besides, who better to dot all the "i"s and cross all the "t"s than a self-proclaimed "language cop"? Her diligence might even lead her to a brand-new love. Or to a killer. Or to another corpse—hopefully not her own.

If you're interested, just leave a comment at that post and let Deb know the title of the book you're currently reading or the last book that you read (not including kids books). And if you want an extra entry, just link up or help spread the word, but that isn't required.

The contest will end at midnight Eastern time, next Friday (December 14th) and the winner will be notified the next day.

Only those with US shipping addresses.

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