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Thursday, November 08, 2007

A reader of this blog, Tami, has kindly directed my attention to the following blogs/sites which regularly run contests. Remember to bookmark them all. And like Tami, feel free to drop me an email or use the contact form on this blog, and update me with all those book/author related contests/giveaways that I may have missed.

And now for the good stuff :

  • Author Donna Grant gives away stuff on her website as well as her blog.
  • At Love is an Exploding Cigar you can expect contests, guests, giveaways, news, goodies and nuggets of wisdom. Just one condition - you have to register at their blog. But it's well worth it!
  • At Stifled Squeal, there are giveaways on certain blog posts. Currently you can enter to win "Lost Treasure by Midnyte Dupree".
  • Check Plot Monkeys every Friday for giveaway goodies.
  • At the Soapbox Queens, you can read and win from authors Jennifer LaBrecque, Rhonda Nelson and Vicki Lewis Thompson.
  • E Books Releases and Contest - the name says it all.

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1 People said

  1. Hi! Thanks for posting about my contest for Lost Treasure!! I hope everyone goes over and enters. Have a great day everyone!!



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