Secret Santa

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Laurell K. Hamilton is having a secret Santa contest. You need only to sign up. From her website:

The winners will receive two signed LKH books. Don't know which two I will send you, just that it will be two. Your assignment as a Secret Santa is to give one away to someone. Preferably someone who is not yet a fan. Okay, I told you what to do with one, but what about the second? That one is a gift for you, the Santa. Hey even Santa gets goodies!


Please fill in all the space provided. Four winners will be chosen randomly from all entries received. All info will be kept for the duration of the contest. Once the winners have recieved the books, it will be deleted. Should a package be returned as undeliverable, then an alternate winner will be chosen.

One entry per person. International entries are accepted. Duplicates will be eliminated. Contest ends 12/08/07, winners will drawn 12/10/07.

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