Children's Book Review - The Little Prince

Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Little Prince and His Magic Wand
by Jillian M. Curtis (Author),
Janet Mattison-Prise (Illustrator)

Book Description
This is the story of a Little Prince whose kingdom was near the Forest of Magic, Mystery. Although he was going to be the King of a land, all the Little Prince wants is to be a great wizard. He’s told by the magicians in his court to go into the Forest of Magic, Mystery, and Miracles and seek the Great Wizard.

Off goes the Little Prince on his quest during which he comes across the Spirit of the Forest who, during her own quest for the Knight of Serenity, has become entangled in some thorns. He helps out the poor, exhausted creature and listens with the utmost compassion to her tale of woe. His sincere longing to help her helps him perform magic - the very same magic that has eluded him for so long and which was inside of him all this while.

The best of fairy tales always have a quest in them, whether it is for treasure, a beautiful princess or in this case, for magic. The Little Prince in this story is just like the rest of mankind – he’s not contented with what he has (and what he has is the future ruling of an entire kingdom which is pretty awesome) and seeks that which is out of his reach. He wants magic so he can perform miracles. So far it looks like he’s just out to get some glory.

He goes to the Forest to seek out the Great Wizard’s help to fulfill his ambition. On the way he helps out a suffering creature and he does this without the least bit of selfishness. In fact he uses his royal scepter to cut away the thorns trapping the angel and uses his starry cloak to light their way. This is where things begin to change. The Little Prince not only helps release the Spirit, but in doing so, helps release the magic that was inside of him all along. All he needed was to realize that magic is there to help people and he was able to perform it.

This is a beautiful story which encourages children (and adults as well!) to be good, to be unselfish, to have compassion and help out those in need. It also encourages them to never give up and work towards their goals. And that it all lies within them. They just have to work to find it. And the story of the Little Prince does all this without being the least preachy. In fact, it’s real fun to read! This is the true magic of this charming tale.

The lovely illustrations in the book make the story come alive and also help personalize the characters.

The way the story ends leaves me hoping there will be sequel out soon.

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