Children's Book Review - Goodnight Sleep Tight

Thursday, November 15, 2007

Goodnight Sleep Tight (Kids Play)
by DK Publishing

Book Details - Slipcased | 7.24 x 7.24in | 8 pages | ISBN 9780756630935 | 17 Sep 2007 | Kids Play | 0 - 2 years
Price - $11.99
Language- English

“Goodnight Sleep Tight” is a beautiful soft cloth book containing high-quality appliqués on almost all pages (which are resistant to a curious child’s fingers - I can tell you that from personal experience). A farm animal is depicted on contrasting pastel yellow and blue pages and on each animal, appliqués have been skillfully used to give textures to parts of the animals – a snout in one, ears in another etc. They also encourage a child to touch and explore.

On the front and back covers, golden glittering threads make up a Moon and small stars that show up brightly on the contrasting lavender/purple-colored covers. They’re just bright enough to catch even a toddler’s wandering attention. And once again, these don’t come off, not even when you pluck at them with your fingernail (and believe me, I tried J).

There’s also a simple story contained therein, easy for any child to follow and parent to recite, with simple rhymes to go with each page/animal. It begins when a little barking puppy is advised to “bark no more” as “little goat sleeps on the floor” and so on. The soft and easy rhymes also make it easy to sing the book to your little one. The overall effect is very soothing and pleasant and will, hopefully, encourage the protesting little one to emulate the example of the little animals and fall asleep.

The soft cloth, the gentle rhyme and attractive appliqués make this an enduring and cherished addition to any nursery. This cushiony book also makes for an excellent gift seeing as it comes in its own protective poly-bag along with a header card.

On a side note
It's a cloth book, as such endures quite a bit of chewing, throwing, etc. Not sure if it's washable - at least I haven't tried it yet. Probably not. However, the stitching is good enough to withstand a toddler who's learned to tear paper pages and attempted the same with this one. But, no luck!

In Short
Kiddo and I both enjoyed it thoroughly.

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