Children's Book Review : Furry Friends

Monday, November 12, 2007

Reading level : Baby-Preschool
Board book : 20 pages
Price : $6.99 U.S/$8.50 CAN
Size : 6 x 6

Book Description
In this Paw Pals board book, little ones will read along as adorable kittens and pups frolic, sleep, and explore the world around them. The heartwarming photographs are presented alongside sweet rhyming text that captures the strong bond of friendship between cuddly animals, big and small. Acclaimed photographer Rachael Hale uses her lens, her love of animals, and a great deal of patience, to create an enchanting perspective on friendship between kitties and puppies.

About the Author
Rachael Hale has won numerous awards for her animal portraiture. Since 1995 her images have been published on calendars, posters, greeting cards, and stationery in more than 20 countries worldwide. She lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand, with her three cats, Edmund, Gianni, and Versace.

Kiddo and I fell in love with this adorable board book the instant we first sat down to read it. The cover photo is that of two very cute little puppies and from the instant Kiddo first set his eyes on them, he wouldn't stop cooing and stroking them. The smooth surface of the cover and the glossy feel of the inside pages, all appealed to my little one's fingers. The soft pastel colors are ideally suited for the accompanying photos, which are all of little cats and dogs, captured at their adorable best by the skilled hands and lens of photographer, Rachael Hale. The photos are accompanied by silly rhymes that come out sounding so sweet when sung/murmured to a little kid.

Speaking as the adult who actually read this board book, I have to say I was equally if not more beguiled than Kiddo by the puppies and kittens dressed up as bunnies or lying fast asleep on their teddy bears (this was over-the-top adorable, BTW), snoozing on a hammock or appearing out of shopping bags/tea cups.

We've read this board book many times since I got it for review, but Kiddo continues to be fascinated with it and every time I bring it out, a huge smile lights up his toothless face and he reaches out with eager hands for it.

On a side note
The thick pages of this board book make for ideal chewing and Kiddo can testify to that :) Good thing is, the board book hasn't yet been destroyed and the glossy finish of the pages means I can easily wipe the drool right off.

In Short
A hit! with both parent and child.

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