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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I'm seeing "For Parents Only" being given away on a lot of blogs. I think I've already posted a couple of sites giving it away and today I found many more!

Book Description - Shaunti Feldhahn is known for unlocking the mysteries of relationships for men and women. Now she turns to a parent’s relationship with a child, particularly a child of the opposite sex ... For Parents Only offers a unique look into a child’s mind and frees readers to communicate in healthier ways as they discover that understanding their kids may not be as complicated as they think.

If you're interested, then check out these blogs for a chance to win it - Artistic Blogger, Boo Mama, Gods Light Upon Me, Camy's Loft, Deena's Books, Book Splurge, **** edited to add ****
Ramblin Roads. ***found another one*** Portrait of a Writer. ****and another**** Mommy of Three.

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