Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Win Free Book

Yesterday was Monday, which you know (if you're a frequent visitor to this blog) means FREE BOOKS over at

The Stone Soup blog! Congrats to recent winners, Tara and Stephen. (As always, if you win giveaway(s) you discovered via my blog, let me know. I'll post it here and we'll all rejoice!)

Now for the new contest. Once again, you can have your choice of *any* book Katrina's talked about, posted on her website, or reviewed there or there. This time, it even includes Emily Prager’s A Visit from the Footbinder which Katrina had refused to part with before. (And no, you're not getting her copy this time as well, but another one from Amazon. Ask for her copy at your own peril, lol).

Just follow this link to leave a comment, naming the book you want and on Monday she’ll choose someone ... make that 2 someones ... at random to win.


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