Saturday, January 19, 2008

Path of Fate

If you want to get your hands on "Path of Fate" by Diana Pharaoh Francis, you can leave a comment over at that post at The Fantasy & Sci Fi ... blog or email her at
Synopsis: Once an orphan, taunted by the other children in her village, Reisil is now a newly minted healer, hoping to find a secure place in a world that has known sporadic fighting for years. But the lady she serves chooses her to be ahalad-kaaslane, or a wandering judge-warrior-explorer bound through a companion animal to no one but the lady. Afraid of losing her newly won security to go adventuring, Reisil refuses the honor and the companion goshawk. She picks a bad time, however. The leaders of the warring lands have agreed to a truce as a preliminary to ending the war, but many who have suffered on both sides regard the truce as a betrayal. Moreover, Reisil's decision threatens the truce. Plausible, engrossing characters, a well-designed world, and a well-realized plot distinguish Francis' debut.
Note- if SQT, the blog owner, is unable to get shipping info from the contest winner within 48 hours, the book will be awarded to someone else.

Contest ends Wednesday January 23.

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